Nicolene I. Radke | C.Ht

Certified Hypnotist  & Usui Reiki Master


Nicole began her practice in December 2012 after receiving her National Guild of Hypnotist’s Certification as Consulting Hypnotist. She became an Usui Reiki Master in 2010 and believes in the powerful connection between the body and mind. Her ambition is to teach, and show her clients how to let go and release what isn’t working in their life, how to determine where they want to go and what they want to achieve and then to reinforce the habits and activities necessary to gain what they desire. 



She grew up in the beautiful South Africa during a volatile political time where she learned to listen attentively to not only words, but also feelings and how the people choose to communicate. 


Nicole received her training from Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her continuing education includes certificatioin in Advanced Regression and is a Stress-Less Facilitator. During her Coaching session she uses "Clean Language", learned from UK based Judy Rees to help people develop the meaning of the metaphoric and symbolic expression we naturally use in conversation.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality and works with our life force energy also known as Chi or Ki. Reiki is passed down through attunements, teaching and mentoring from Master to student. Reiki is more than a form of energy work it has become a way of life for Nicole. She teaches Reiki students and offer sessions to those clients who are interested in the non-physical healing of their bodies and lives.

It is Nicole's goal to provide complimentary and alternative wellbeing services and educate ordinary everyday people with ordinary with everyday problems the benefits of having the inner mind and body work as a team.  The Center offers hypnosis sessions, workshops, self discovery session, monthly group meditations and self development classes. 

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Natural Pathways Hypnosis and Reiki Center help people create positive shifts in their health and lives. Most of the clients of the Center have come by way of referral from their physicians, therapists or friends and family members who have received benefit from bringing hypnosis and alternative wellness into their lives.